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Summer is coming, choosing a line of matte lipstick, also known as long-lasting Matte lipstick to comfortably eat, go to the beach, go out without having to apply lipstick many times is a matter of interest to many girls. Let’s review the top 10 genuine, durable Matte lipsticks that are currently the hottest in the article below!


What is Son Matte? 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss This Lipstick

Matte lipstick is a lipstick line that when applied to the lips will be very matte with no shine, but leave on the surface of the lips a layer of matte and velvety smooth effect. This is a lipstick line used by many girls as indispensable items when going out. Because of the ability to standard color up to 95% compared to the color of the lipstick and the ability to stick to the lips for a long time.

Based on the characteristics and quality of lipstick, matte lipsticks are divided into 3 types:

  • Liquid lipstick;
  • Cream lipstick;
  • Sticky lipstick.

Here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t miss this lipstick line:

  • Very accurate color up: Up to 95% accurate compared to the color of lipstick;
  • Long-lasting color: Long-lasting lipstick if you know how to apply it properly, comfortably eat without fear of all lipstick;
  • Suitable for many people: Even women with lip contours, dark lips,…;
  • Stylish smooth lips: Will create a matte and smooth effect that looks very luxurious and stylish; make your lips look more attractive;
  • Multi-function: Can be used to color cheeks and eyes.

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Top 10 best genuine long-lasting lipsticks

Here are the top 10 best genuine long-lasting Matte lipsticks today:

Silky smooth matte lipstick with Soft Grass – no Silicon (160,000 VND)

Soft Grass Matte Matte Lipstick is the first lipstick that does not contain volatile silicones that are harmful to health and the environment. This matte lipstick has a gentle fragrance from natural ingredients with 5 easy to apply tones and is suitable for all skin types: pure red, brown red, orange red, coral orange, cold red.

matte lipstickSilky smooth velvet lipstick Soft Grass


  • As a natural, safe and benign lipstick line with modern lipstick colors, never out of fashion;
  • Moisturizing lipstick, with the ability to stick color up to 8 hours;
  • Contains high levels of Marula oil, vitamin C and Glutamic acid to help nourish and prevent aging of the lips.

Cons: Liquid lipstick should be used up quickly.

Comments after using:

  • It feels very light on the lips, the color is standard, there are many nutrients, but the color stays on the lips for a long time;
  • There are many colors to choose from, most of which are tones suitable for many skin types;
  • As a natural, lead-free, silicone-free lipstick, it is safe for both pregnant and lactating women.

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink (220,000 VND)

Innisfree Vivid Cotton Ink is a long-wearing matte lipstick with smooth, thin and non-heavy lips. This matte lipstick is highly moisturizing and does not dry the lips, and has a very pleasant fruity fragrance. With 5 easy-to-apply and never-out-of-fashion tones: coral red, pure red, brick red, orange red, peach pink.

long lasting lipstickInnisfree Vivid Cotton Ink


  • Is a line of lipsticks extracted from natural, safe and benign fruits;
  • Liquid lipstick, is a combination of cream lipstick and tint lipstick, but the color fastness lasts about 4-5 hours;
  • Compact bottle design, slightly beveled brush head, easy to create lip contour.


  • Apply on lips for a while to dry;
  • The lipstick cap is not tight, so when you open it, you need to be careful not to smear the lipstick out.
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Comments after using:

  • The first layer of lipstick is quite light, very suitable for brushing the lips;
  • The lipstick is rich in nutrients, so it will have a slight shine, but still create a fullness for the lips.

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3CE Velvet Lip Tint (VND 240,000)

3CE lipstick is a line of lipstick from the Korean cosmetic brand of the same name. The lipstick has a light fragrance thanks to rose extract and nutrients. 3CE owns many different tones: cold red, brown red, earth red, earth orange, earth pink, peach pink, orange red, pure red, coral, orange nude.

genuine matte lipstick3CE cream lipstick


  • Compact and elongated design, lipstick cap fits lipstick body, limiting lipstick smearing out;
  • Actual lipstick color and lipstick shell are similar, making it easy for users to recognize;
  • The lipstick palette is very diverse;
  • The lipstick is soft and smooth, has moisturizing ingredients, can be used for dry winter.


  • Lipstick is quite moisturizing, so it’s still fast;
  • The lipstick takes a while to dry on the lips.

Comments after using:

  • When I applied the lipstick for the first time, the lipstick felt quite soft and the scent was light. However, lipstick is quite easy to wear, so it is necessary to apply many layers of lipstick;
  • Suitable for those who have dry lips and use in winter because the nutrients in the lipstick help soften the lips well.

Carslan Long Lasting Lipstick (200,000 VND)

Carslan is a lipstick line with a pretty and compact design. The scent of the lipstick is quite pleasant and the color palette is diverse from red, orange to pink tones.

long lasting lipstickSon Matte Carslan


  • The lipstick body is long, small and beautiful, very firm in the hand. Long lipstick brush, smooth velvet-shaped head, very standard lip liner;
  • The lipstick color is very standard and beautiful;
  • Lipstick is soft and smooth, does not dry lips;


  • Color fastness is not high; after each meal need to re-feed;
  • The color palette is not too diverse and there are no hot trend colors.

Comments after using:

  • The first time I applied Carslan lipstick, my lips were quite moist and smooth. However, after each meal, the lipstick is washed off quite a lot, so it needs to be reapplied;
  • The lipstick color when applied to the lips is very standard, and the lip contour is beautiful.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick (750,000 VND)

Estee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick is a premium long-wearing lipstick line. The scent of the lipstick is quite similar to the smell of chocolate. This lipstick line impresses with a diverse palette of colors from dark to light tones.

lipstick doesn't fadeEstee Lauder Pure Color Love Lipstick


  • Luxurious design with high-class and elegant metallic gold color, the tip of the lipstick is flat, making it easier to line the lips;
  • Matte and smooth, keep color about 6-8 hours;

Cons: High cost.

Comments after using:

  • Apply to the lips for a soft and smooth feeling, enough nutrients to keep those with dry lips from peeling;
  • When eating, the lipstick does not smear on the cup or stick to the food.

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Benefit Benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain (530,000 VND)

Benefit Benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain is a line of tints with beautiful, attractive and cute designs. The lipstick has a faint rose scent and impresses with a diverse palette of colors.

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super matte lipstickBenefit Benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain


  • Contains moisturizing ingredients, milky tint, anti-dry lips;
  • The design of the small jar is very convenient and easy to use;
  • Good color fastness, about 5-6 hours.


  • High price;
  • The lipstick color is only quite standard, the lipstick dries quite slowly.

Comments after using:

  • Apply to the lips to feel the slight rose scent, the nutrients in the lipstick make it shiny and smooth. However, the ability to stick to the color of the lipstick is quite top and does not smudge when eating or drinking water.

Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint Lip Tint (150,000 VND)

Bbia Last Velvet Lip Tint is a famous lipstick line from Korea. Impress with light fragrance and diverse color palette with many different versions.

matte lipstickBbia Last Velvet Lip Tint


  • Long lipstick body design, matte plastic. The tip of the lipstick is beveled, making it easy for users to apply, even the lip line;
  • The lipstick is thick and soft, does not dry the lips;
  • The lipstick is quite sticky and long-lasting.


  • The lipstick has a fruity aroma, not suitable for those who are allergic to scents.

Comments after using:

  • The first time you apply the lipstick, it feels soft and doesn’t dry your lips. However, the lipstick is still smeared when eating and drinking, so every time you eat, you still need to reapply.

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color Super Matte Lipstick (730,000 VND)

MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color is a matte lipstick that stormed the world. Impress with a diverse lipstick palette with popular lipstick colors and light fragrance.

matte lipstickMAC Retro Matte Liquid Lip Color


  • The lipstick has a thick, smooth texture, once applied, it is very matte and does not weigh the lips;
  • Good color fastness, up to 8 hours;
  • Standard color.


  • High price;
  • Lip prints if your lips are too dry;
  • Less nourishing ingredients.

Comments after using:

  • The first application on the lips is very smooth and matte, not heavy on the lips;
  • Excellent color fastness if not eating or drinking grease;
  • Slightly revealing lips, but before applying matte lipstick Mac should use an extra layer of lip balm.

Long Lasting Lipstick Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint (150,000 VND)

Black Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint is a famous matte lipstick line with many different lipstick colors and many different versions. Combined with a gentle scent to help this lipstick line score points with users.

matte lipstick doesn't fadeBlack Rouge Air Fit Velvet Tint


  • Reasonable price, simple and convenient design;
  • The lipstick is smooth and easy to spread, with a slight gloss of nutrients;
  • Lipstick to standard color, does not cause patchy.


  • The ability to keep color is average, will be washed away when eating;
  • The lipstick brush has a beveled tip but is quite large, applying the lip line is not standard.

Chicholic ingots (100,000 VND)

This is a lipstick line that is popular with many students because of its low price but good color adhesion and long lasting. The lipstick palette is quite diverse combined with a gentle, sweet scent.

lipstick does not fadeChicholic matte lipstick student price


  • The lipstick is soft, smooth, easy to spread, not clumpy like other popular lipsticks;
  • Long-lasting color ability, about 3-5 hours;
  • The lipstick color is very standard.


  • The color palette is diverse but there are quite a few skin colors.

Comments after using:

  • The lipstick is very pigmented and long lasting. The color stays for a long time even when eating.
  • Apply lipstick on the lips without revealing the cream. This is an affordable lipstick that pleases everyone.
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FAQs about matte lipstick, long-lasting lipstick

  • Question 1: Does Lip Matte Dry Lips?

Answer: Matte lipstick contains few lip balm ingredients, so it will often cause dry lips and is not suitable for those with dry lips. However, if you know how to take care of your lips like regular exfoliation, applying lip balm before applying lipstick, the problem of dry lips will no longer be.

  • Question 2: Are Matte Sticks nourishing?

Answer: In the composition of this lipstick, there are still balms, but very little. However, the balm in the lipstick is still enough to protect your lips.

  • Question 3: Does Son Matte contain a lot of lead?

Answer: No matter what lipstick it is, there will be lead in the ingredients. However, the amount of lead in the lipstick is tested and allowed by the Ministry of Health to be circulated, so you can rest assured when using lipstick!

  • Question 4: How to preserve matte lipstick?

Answer: The way to preserve this baby is also very simple. Do not expose lipstick to direct sunlight or high temperature. Do not put lipstick in the refrigerator, especially cream lipstick. And remember to close the lid tightly when finished using.

  • Question 5: Is Son Matte a creamy lipstick? How to distinguish?

Answer: Matte lipstick is divided into 3 types: matte cream lipstick, matte lipstick and matte lipstick. However, cream lipstick will usually be in liquid form and contain more nutrients than matte lipstick. So if it’s not a creamy lipstick, it’s a Matte lipstick

The secret to long-lasting lipstick

The secret to long-lasting lipstick that women should not ignore:

  • Exfoliate your lips regularly: This is an important step, deciding whether the lipstick will stick to the lips and last long. If you skip the lip exfoliation step, it will make your lips dry and flaky, when applying lipstick will not be evenly colored;
  • Use more lip balm: Apply balm 30 minutes before applying lipstick, then use a tissue to press your lips to help smooth lips;
  • Use a brush: Apply lipstick with a lipstick brush to spread the lipstick evenly, avoiding uneven application;
  • Use a thin tissue: Use a thin tissue to lightly cover the lips that have been applied lipstick, then use the powder to spread on the lips and then gently press the lips. This step will help the lipstick layer to be more matte and durable, not sticking to the glass when drinking water.

Matte lipstick can be said to be the most popular and used lipstick by many women. However, to ensure that the lipstick is always long-lasting and long-lasting, you must know how to apply lipstick correctly. Grass Soft hopes that the information shared above will help you choose the most suitable and suitable lipstick.

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