Cách nấu mâm cỗ tại nhà vừa đơn giản vừa thơm ngon

The tray to worship the ancestors’ death anniversary is a typical Vietnamese culture that has been passed down through generations. Let’s see how to cook the tray with Mucwomen!


When is the platter usually prepared?

In Vietnam, each region is different and each ethnic group has its own distinctive features. But the common point is that the anniversary of the death will usually be held one day before or exactly on the death anniversary of the deceased. Should not be held later.

Anniversaries are also a special occasion for children and grandchildren in the family to show their respect for their ancestors. This is a fine cultural tradition of “when drinking water, remember the source, when eating fruit, remember who planted the tree” of the Vietnamese people. Therefore, the death anniversary is an opportunity for family members and clans to gather in the same house to remember the deceased. This is a great family event. Besides, it can be easily realized that the same anniversary will be the occasion when children and relatives do business from far away to gather.

The important thing is that in each anniversary party, it is definitely indispensable to have a variety of dishes, both delicious and colorful enough to offer as a ritual when worshiping ancestors or the deceased. After the worshiping ceremony is done; Everyone will move down and eat together. Next, on the dining table will be stories, greetings to each other after a time of separation or rarely explained.

When is the tray usually prepared, summer, processing, 500k, wedding, 1 million, 10, simple, treat guestsThere are many families who want to cook the dishes themselves to ensure the quality of the food and the issue of food hygiene and safety.

How to cook different trays of 3 regions North – Central – South

Cooking trays at home is also one of the beauties of Vietnamese culinary culture; a party held at home will usually always have a cozy feel; much more comfortable and fun when we organize meals at a restaurant.

In the past, the trays and dishes for guests were usually taken care of by women, mothers and sisters. Although today, many well-to-do families have chosen to hire a cooking service to help save effort and time. However, there are still many families who want to cook the dishes themselves to ensure the quality of the food and the issue of food hygiene and safety. Soon META.vn won’t let you wait any longer, let’s immediately refer to the anniversary dishes, what to prepare for the anniversary party!

The tray in the celebration of the death anniversary of the people in the North

The Northern tray may have many or few dishes, but the processing and decoration are quite sophisticated in form to show the sincerity of the owner. There are also simple trays of rice, but very thoughtful and meticulous. Accordingly, the traditional death anniversary tray of the Northern people will include the following dishes:

  • Chung cake
  • Sticky rice (various types like green bean sticky rice, peanut sticky rice, gac sticky rice)
  • Boiled chicken with salt and pepper
  • Boiled pork with fish sauce
  • Boiled chicken eggs
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Stir-fried vermicelli with dried bamboo shoots / wood ear
  • Frozen meat, braised pickles
  • Spring rolls/ rolls
  • Rice
  • Vegetable dishes such as: boiled vegetables, mannequins, mixed salads, …
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Based on the economic conditions of each family, it is possible to process other dishes suitable for the tray. However, it is still necessary to ensure enough food hygiene and safety factors; and prepare well to show gratitude and respect to the deceased.

When is the tray usually prepared, summer, processing, 500k, wedding, 1 million, 10, simple, treat guestsOne of the features of the Vietnamese New Year’s culinary culture is the Tet tray.

The tray in the death anniversary ceremony of the Central people

People in the Central region are close to the center of Hue citadel, so since ancient times, they have been famous for their more sophisticated anniversaries; The food is also very diverse. Central people often set up ancient trays in 4 groups: Soup, boiled, fried, fried and grilled. Here are some detailed suggestions of dishes that often appear in the trays of the Central people:

  • Boiled dishes: Boiled chicken, boiled pork, boiled duck, …
  • Stir-fried dishes: Stir-fried carrots with onions, fried chayote, fried cove beans, fried morning glory, fried vegetables, …
  • Fried and grilled dishes: Fried shrimp, fried fish, fried pork, grilled chicken, grilled pork belly, grilled fish, …
  • Soup: Bitter gourd soup stuffed with pork, sour bamboo shoot soup, beef stewed vegetable soup, potato stew with bones, …

The tray in the death anniversary ceremony of the Central people, easy to make, delicious vietnamese food, nutritious food groupFor the people of Central Vietnam, when Tet comes, on the Tet tray in the Central region, it is indispensable for Tet cakes, sour rolls, and vinegared meat. Particularly for Hue people, the tray must have a plate of spring rolls.

The tray in the death anniversary ceremony of the Southern people

The tray on the occasion of the death anniversary of the people of the South is very simple, not as sophisticated as the two regions. Depending on economic conditions, each family will prepare a custom meal as long as it is decent and has four basic dishes including: stew, braised, boiled and stir-fried.

  • Stew dishes: Pork stew with bamboo shoots, bone broth with vegetables, chicken stew with lemongrass and chili, …
  • Stir-fried dishes: Stir-fried cabbage, fried radish, sweet and sour fried meat, …
  • Boiled dishes: Boiled bacon with fish sauce, boiled chicken with salt and pepper, boiled duck with ginger sauce, …
  • Braised dishes: Pork braised with eggs, snakehead fish braised in coconut water, chicken braised with lemongrass, …

How to cook a tray at home that is both delicious and beautiful, everyday, recipes, items, teaching how to, synthesisIn addition to the tray of rice, Southerners meet, eat and talk with relatives and friends without a plate of jam and a cup of tea.

How to cook trays and some commonly used main dishes

The banquet menu for parties is also diverse and rich; especially depending on the meaning of the party. If the family makes a tray for a wedding, a full month for a child, or a funeral, they will often choose a traditional tray with full main and side dishes from ingredients of different groups. Some food groups can be named as follows:

The first dish: Vegetable dish

Vegetables are easy-to-eat, beautiful, easy-to-digest foods, so they are classified as an appetizer and indispensable in every tray. In the summer, the vegetables are very fresh and varied, so there will be more choices than in the winter. Some common vegetables used to turn dishes can be mentioned such as:

  • Spinach / Stir-fried morning glory with garlic
  • Stir-fried squash top with garlic
  • Mixed boiled fruits and vegetables dipped in braised sauce or sesame salt
  • Boiled cabbage with egg
  • Stir-fried Green Cabbage with Garlic
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2nd dish: Mannequin or salad

Salads or salads are both light dishes, served by many traditional and modern platters. Each dish has its own flavor and character so that the enjoyment is not boring. Stimulate the taste for the next dishes. Some of my favorite mannequins are:

  • Banana flower salad with shrimp meat
  • Bamboo shoots salad with beef
  • Tofu salad with shrimp coconut
  • Dried beef papaya salad
  • Jellyfish salad

Salads are also the choice of many women who prefer modern European style. Can name a few salads such as:

  • Tuna salad
  • Russian salad
  • Mixed vegetable salad
  • Da Lat salad with passion fruit sauce
  • Seaweed and crab egg salad

3rd dish: Main dish

This is a dish that plays a key role in the ancient tray. Each main dish when selected is carefully considered. Usually, a tray will have 4 main dishes for guests to choose from and also ensure enough nutrients and enough food for guests. For example, honey grilled chicken, hydrangea fried shrimp, stewed pork leg with beans, deep fried fish dish, .. In hot summer, the use of dishes should avoid cooking hot pot dishes and should use the induction cooker. .

Here are some main dish options for the menu:

  • Chicken has: honey grilled chicken, rice husk chicken, lemon leaf steamed chicken, salted roasted chicken, ..
  • Fish: Steamed fish with soy sauce, fried fish, braised fish with banana beans, braised fish, charcoal grilled fish, ..
  • Shrimp: Steamed shrimp with salt and pepper, fried shrimp with hydrangea, grilled shrimp with sate, fried golden shrimp.
  • Beef: Beef with vinegar, beef with black pepper sauce and dumplings, stir-fried beef with garlic, beef with enoki mushrooms, grilled beef in cast iron.
  • Pork: Braised pork leg with Chinese medicine, stewed pork leg with French beans, deep fried pork leg, ..
  • Goat meat: Stir-fried goat, rice husk goat, rare sesame goat dish, rare lemon goat, ..

There are many other ingredients that can be made into the main dish such as: ostrich meat, pork man, squid, buffalo meat…

4th dish: Rice + soup (can also be replaced: porridge, Quang noodles or vermicelli)

Rice soup is an indispensable dish not only in modern or traditional platters; The same goes for Vietnamese daily meals. Some soups can be used in the ancient tray such as:

  • Stewed soup with meat stuffing
  • Vegetable soup with bone stew
  • Sour clam soup
  • Mixed vegetable soup
  • Fresh mushroom seafood soup

Rice + soup, calcium supplement, weekend, rustic, drinking, entertaining, unique, in Saigon, lungs, bloodBitter melon soup is a dish with a delicious taste from the meat and the slight bitterness of bitter melon creating the irresistible appeal of this dish.

5th dish: Dessert

This is the last dish of the party. In the menu of the tray, summer fruits and vegetables will be quite diverse, so you can freely choose. Name some popular fruits such as: Watermelon, guava, orange, rambutan, tangerine, grapefruit, banana, lychee, longan…

Suggest a few samples of delicious tray menu to treat guests

The menu of the ancient tray treats guests 1

  • Spring roll
  • Fried shrimp
  • Siamese coconut vermicelli salad
  • Stir-fried with turmeric
  • Seafood hotpot
  • chicken wrapped with sticky rice
  • Beef cooked with Thien Ly cotton
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine
  • Dessert: Grapefruit
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The menu of the ancient tray treats guests 2

  • Silk rolls
  • Stir-fried vegetables
  • Boiled chicken with salt, pepper and lemon
  • Beef with wine sauce
  • Steamed squid
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Sweet and sour ribs
  • Stuffed bitter melon soup
  • fried corn
  • Gac sticky rice with bean paste
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine
  • Dessert: Watermelon

How to cook a tray at home that is both delicious and beautiful, full of nutrition, articlesFried spring rolls are easy to prepare, delicious and very popular dishes. On Tet holiday in the North, it is impossible not to be without crispy, hot and stinky fried spring rolls.

The menu of the old tray treats guests 3

  • Chung cake
  • Touch away
  • Vegetable salad
  • fried vermicelli
  • Fried spring rolls
  • Stir-fried beef with pineapple
  • Fried pork
  • Silk rolls
  • Fried shrimp
  • Frozen meat
  • Seven-color mannequin
  • Ham and bamboo shoot soup
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine
  • Dessert: Caramel

The menu of the old tray treats guests 4

  • Chung cake
  • Shredded chicken salad
  • Boiled vegetables
  • Beer steamed shrimp
  • Grilled fish foil
  • Spring rolls with phoenix
  • Chicken steamed broccoli
  • Stewed pork leg with dried bamboo shoots, wood ear
  • Lotus seed chicken soup
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine
  • Dessert: Fruit jelly

Some notes when making a tray for an anniversary

For the way to cook the tray in the anniversary ceremony

  • When cooking, do not taste or taste the dishes being processed before bringing them up to burn incense. This is a taboo with dishes offered to the deceased in Vietnamese rituals.
  • In the ancient tray for worship, do not use dishes such as salad or raw food with a fishy smell of meat (this may not be allowed because of spirituality in worship).
  • The traditional anniversary tray always has rice, salt and rice.
  • Incense lamps are always lit before serving food.

For how to cook trays to treat guests

  • The antique tray should be beautifully decorated, clean and neat.
  • The tray for entertaining guests must be full of bowls, chopsticks, napkins, and enough chairs for the number of people to sit.
  • Food needs to ensure that the general standard taste is good, neither too salty nor too bland; Especially not too spicy.

Above are some ways to cook trays on the anniversary of the Vietnamese people. Let’s consult and show off now!

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